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The day never got as warm as predicted. I believe this was thanks to an overcast that lingered until after four o'clock this afternoon. When the sun finally emerged it was too late for it to warm the air. Despite the persistent clouds I left the windows open all day, expecting the sun to appear soon. Oddly, when I woke up this morning the house was about 68 degrees, but it gradually declined until hitting a low of 66 by noon, though in the last couple of hours it inched back up to near 68.

68 is about how warm it got outside today. As a result, I expect I'll have to turn the furnace on sometime tonight, because it's going to be dropping into the high fifties. The leaky house will get too cold with so little leftover daytime heat to conserve.

But tomorrow will give me a chance to correct today's error, if the forecast is correct. It's supposed to get up to 79, which ought to be warm enough to get the house above 70, so I can avoid the furnace tomorrow night. But then it was supposed to have been 75 today, so maybe it won't happen. But if it does, and I can capture enough of that free heat, the next time I'm likely to need the furnace will be Monday night. It's supposed to be a mild weekend, at least by day. Nights are going to be getting quite autumnal.

I haven't yet heard if I'll be able to arrange to go shopping tomorrow, so I might be going Sunday. Friday would be good for shopping this week, as Safeway will be having soup cheap, and I need to start laying in a supply for when the really cold weather arrives, which won't be long now.

Right now I need to go out and deal with the feral cats' water bowls before it gets too dark. There was something else I was going to do, too, but I've totally forgotten what it was. Maybe I'm in for an unpleasant surprise when I remember. More likely the unpleasant surprise will be what causes me to remember. Or maybe it just isn't anything important, and I'll end up not only not ever remembering but forgetting I ever forgot. I've probably forgotten a lot of other stuff, too, but I just don't remember.

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