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Such a cool evening, and milder days ahead. Next week there is even a slight chance of rain on Monday and Tuesday. I do love a nice September rain, so I hope we get it. If not, at least it will be cool. In fact those days will be so cool and their nights so chilly that I might have to turn the furnace on in the evenings. What I'd like most is a mild autumn, with occasional rain, so I won't have to spend too much on gas for that furnace.

But then a few cold nights is what we need to get rid of those noisy little crickets. Once they are gone the nights will be peaceful again. A nocturnal silence is almost as delightful as a September rain. Also delightful is the smell of desiccation in the air from the brown and moribund grass. Now that summer is almost over I can appreciate it more. When it was hot I barely noticed it, but the cool night brings it through my open windows as fragrant in its way as spring's flowers.

I got a bit more sleep last night than I have recently, but not really enough, so I'll probably be nodding off in front of the television shortly. First I have to heat some dinner, though. I've got canned tamales from the Grocery Outlet, and some tortilla chips to crush under them and cheese to melt atop them. I hadn't bought canned tamales (not as bad as they sound) for years because they are too expensive (almost three dollars) for what they are, but then I discovered that Grocery Outlet has them for a buck and a half a can, so I'm having them about once a week until I get tired of them.

And there I've made myself hungry thinking about them, despite that late afternoon snack I had again. Time for dinner.

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