rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Last of the Heat... I Hope

The good news is tomorrow's high temperature is supposed to be only five degrees above the temperature right now. The bad news is that the temperature right now is 77 degrees, which is too high for this late in the evening. Sometime after midnight it might get cool enough for me to turn off my air conditioner and open my windows and let fresh night air in, but right now I've got the house cooled down to 75, and I don't want to give it up.

For some reason I've been way less tolerant of heat for the last couple of days. It's a good thing this intolerance didn't come on until now, or I'd have had to spend a fortune on air conditioning this summer. I'm sure I've spent too much as it is. Was. Whatever.

Other good news is that the Internet connection hasn't been anywhere near as cranky today as it was yesterday. It's only cut out a few times, probably for no more than ten minutes altogether. At least as far as know. I've been nodding off again, and don't know for sure that the connection wasn't down during some of my catnaps.

The star jasmine in the back yard has sprouted its seed pods. They look like miniature green bean pods. I looked up how to plant them, but the Internets tell me it's kind of a hassle, and the plants are actually easier to propagate through cuttings. Some of the plants in my hedge died back over the last couple of years because I was giving them too little water during the drought.

They got more water this year, and some of the plants have sprouted new growth, but it's going to take years for them to recover and I'm thinking it might be better to supplement them with new plants in between the old ones. The hedge looks awful half dead, and it would be nice to have it looking good again. The feral cats would like that, too, as the hedge, which grows along a low chain link fence, forms a tunnel for them, as well as a shady place to nap and to hide. They've only got about fifteen feet of viable tunnel now, and they used to have above sixty.

The catnaps led to a late snack this afternoon, and I'm not hungry for dinner yet. I might just settle for a midnight snack of popcorn, if I'm hungry enough by then. It's way easier than cooking, and there will be only one dish to wash. But now I'm going to go see if there's anything on television. I can't remember what shows are on what nights anymore, and don't have anything I watch regularly on Tuesday evenings anyway. Looks like I've gotten too old for appointment TV. Hey, dis-appointment.

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