rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


The Internet connection is having conniptions again. It comes and goes, and the router blinks furiously at me with its red and green lights. I believe the conniptions are contagious, as I feel one coming on every time I see those blinking lights. I also believe this technology to be utterly contemptuous of me, and know that it means me ill.

This fills me with gratitude toward my television, which never gives me such a bad time. I like to think that, when the Internet finally comes to get me, my television will protect me from it. I may be deluded, however. The two are related, after all, and it may turn out that wire is thicker than water. Or blood. Or whatever the metaphor should be for gadgets vs. mere humans. What the hell, I'm probably doomed anyway.

But reality is still here regardless of what the Internet is up to. Reality today was, of course, hot again, and though it is expected to cool off somewhat later tonight, it will be much later, so I won't get the benefit of it soon. Instead, I've got the air conditioner on. I justify this extravagance by telling myself it's probably the last time this year. Again, I may be deluded, as weather, despite— or perhaps because of— the inordinate amount of attention I pay it, is surely as hostile to me as Internet is.

The night descended from vivid colors of sky, thanks to the clouds the evening collected, and the crickets emerged to torment my heated ears. Ah, what a life! Now I must decide on some sort of food to devour, and also must once again (it seems to come faster every week) take those wheelie bins out to the street for tomorrow's trash collection. Will I ever find peace before the Internet kills me? Probably not.

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