rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Though great swaths of the west are burning, all we got here today was normal clouds (at least they looked like normal clouds) and a moderately warm afternoon that quickly transformed to a cool evening. It was so nice to be outdoors and comfortable while it was still daylight. The house is chilling nicely, too, and I'll soon be able to turn off the HVAC fan and enjoy a night that is both cool and quiet.

There will be shopping tomorrow, if all goes well. Tomorrow is supposed to be hotter again, but it won't be as bad as recent shopping days. It will be a bit shorter, though, as we are nearing the autumnal equinox, and the nights are arriving earlier. I'm sure I'll get home in time, as I won't have very much to buy this week. The stores don't have many bargains this week.

I'm taking advantage of this cool night to heat something in the regular oven again. I'm actually wishing I'd bought some potatoes to bake. It's been months since I've ha a baked potato. But last time I went shopping it didn't look like it would be getting this cool this soon. Maybe I'll buy some this week. There is a chance that some more cool nights will be coming up within the next couple of weeks. Might as well be prepared.

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