rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


There was a bit of rain this evening, which made things slightly cooler, but it also feels pretty muggy. The rain, unfortunately, came with thunder and lightning. I haven't heard if the lighting sparked any new fires, but if it did the rain was surely insufficient to dampen them and they will be a problem. It is expected to get almost cool tonight, and tomorrow will be considerably less warm than today was, but Thursday is expected to be mild, with a chance of rain, and followed by a very cool night. So I ought to be sort of comfortable sometime fairly soon. Whether it will un-fry my brain or not I don't know.

The near-term forecast is saying we could get another thunderstorm within the next half hour or so. Although it is only 75 degrees right now, the mugginess is making me uncomfortable, and I don't feel like doing anything. I'm going to boil a couple of ears of corn for dinner (before the stuff goes bad, as I keep forgetting it's there and is now about ten days old.) Having turned the air conditioner off last night, I didn't get enough sleep, and now I'm exhausted. Really looking forward to tomorrow night,the first reasonably cool night in a couple of weeks. I hope no fires come along to stink it up.

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