rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Belabor Day

A random Facebook post led me to go looking at my old neighborhoods on Google Maps. That happens about once a year, and as many times as I've gone street viewing with Google I'm still astonished at the changes that have taken place since I left, and maybe a bit more astonished at the fragments of the past that have survived. One of my old neighborhoods has been so drastically altered that it is like a different world, but one oddly peppered with bits of familiarity that themselves seem strange in their altered context.

I always get caught up in these virtual journeys into nostalgia, and while I peruse the past the present gets away from me. Tonight it seemed more difficult than usual to adjust to the present once I returned. It was as though I had slipped into another time line, and though I didn't belong in that altered place from the past, neither did I belong here. Even now the sense of disorientation lingers. If I do this too often I might end up not belonging anywhere.

As the days get shorter I'm more likely to forget to do the watering until it is too dark. That has happened for the last three nights. The shrubs in the back yard must be getting awfully thirsty, especially in this hot weather. If I forget again tomorrow I ought to just try watering by flashlight. I don't want to end up with a yard full of dead plants. Especially in fire season.

It's supposed to get down to 70 degrees tonight, or actually tomorrow morning around sunrise, but it is still unpleasantly hot out, so the air conditioner is still running and the windows are closed. In fact I'm not expecting to be able to open the windows until early Wednesday morning. After that we should be back to something like normal, hopefully for the rest of the summer. I'm tired of the stale air and the noise of that machine.

I just realized I can't remember if Belabor Day is one of the holidays that changes the schedule for trash pickup. It's usually Tuesday, but it might be Wednesday this week. I can't remember where I put the card with the annual schedule on it. Maybe I'll just go ahead and put the wheelie bins out anyway. It won't hurt them to spend an extra 24 hours at the street if I'm wrong, and it's better than keeping my trash an extra week.

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