rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Immisseration Due

A fire got started sometime yesterday, over in the same neck of the forest where we had one earlier this summer. It's probably around fifteen miles from here as the crow flies, on the other side of Oroville Lake, but while the fire is unlikely to get over here, the smoke was pretty persistent all night and much of the day. I'm smelling it right now, and not enjoying it.

The Cal Fire incident page shows about two dozen fires burning around the state right now. I don't recall when I last checked their map, but I'm sure there were only a few active fires then. I don't think we've had any thunderstorms lately, so I'm wondering where the hell these fires all came from. Weird.

The fires have arrived just in time for the reheating that will follow our two-day respite. The worst part of the upcoming heat wave is that it is predicted to bring a long string of some of the warmest nights yet this year. Thursday night is supposed to have a low of 77, which to a Californian is getting into nightmare territory. It's supposed to cool off at night in this climate— especially at this elevation.

California is broken.

As tonight is the coolest night we'll have for the next ten days at least, I think I'm going to eat something heated in the oven. It will make the house marginally more uncomfortable, but it will be my last chance of conventional oven food for quite some time, and I want to seize the opportunity. After tonight, I'll be the one getting seized— by the fiery claws of the rampant sun!

But right now it's not too bad outside. It's about 75, heading to a low of 69. I think I'll go sit on the back porch with the feral cats for a while, and listen to those awful little crickets buzz.

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