rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


I can't believe it was April 8 when I got my LJ entries archived here, and I haven't done the crossposting thing yet. Now I can't fetch LJ because of some crap going on there (error pages every time I try to reach it) so I'm doing this. But as I can't reach LJ itself, I doubt if the crossposting thing will be able to do what it does. It probably won't be able to fetch LJ either.

At least I've got everything I wrote before April 8 here, if LJ is finally going kaput.

Edit: I think this was supposed to say "Crossposted from Dreamwidth" or something on it, because that's what it was. I haven't figured out how crap works over there. But at least I have access to the LJ again. Last night all I could get was a bunch of error messages about how the server had redirected me too many times and the page couldn't be found. Perhaps it was a glitch induced by my VPN or HTTPS. Stupid computers.
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