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At some point today&mdsh; I don't know exactly how— the nursery song "I Went To the Animal Fair" got stuck in my head, and I've been plagued by it ever since. Even as a child I found the lyrics disturbing. The poor monkey! I pictured him being crushed by the elephant, or being flung against a tree perhaps, when the elephant's trunk whipped about in his paroxysmic sneeze. I wasn't too happy with that vain baboon, either, combing his hair while this tragedy was occurring. Anyway, I'm probably going to have to go listen to other songs just to drive that one and its unpleasant images out of my head.

At the moment I'm using this song by Thompson Twins, which, since I'm just listening and not looking at the video, is working pretty well. If I look at the video that undermines it a bit, as lead singer Tom Bailey has quite a mop of auburn hair himself. And maybe I'll end up with this song as an earworm instead of the other, but at least this isn't one I actually had occasional nightmares about when I was a kid.

One advantage of listening to music is that it drowns out those relentless little crickets, who are still filling the night with their annoying buzz. Aside from that bunch, the night is really quite pleasant, being considerably cooler already than last night was at this hour. It's supposed to drop all the way down to 61 degrees before morning. I'll be tempted to grab a blanket, I'm sure, but I intend to resist. I want to chase even the memory of heat away, since we'll soon be getting more of it. But at least the next heat wave won't be as hot as the last one was.

Today I spent considerably less time at Farcebook, because I wanted to recover from yesterday's overload. There was less time on Internets altogether, as I had the latest issues of The New York Review of Books and The Atlantic to catch up on. It was very nice to have no noise but the rustle of turning pages. The whirring fans of the computer and the clack of the keyboard get wearisome at times. Plus I probably saved a buck or so on electricity with both computer and TV off. That won't cover the cost of the magazine subscriptions, but it will offset them a bit.

But I find myself getting a bit hungry. Something quick tonight, I think. That means microwaving. I'm sure there's a burrito or two left. Life is good without so much heat.

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