rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Ah, the little crickets, like a thousand tiny Spanish dancers clacking thousands of tiny castanets, hour after hour. They are driving me crazy. Or crazier. And I didn't sleep as well last night as I'd hoped I would, and tonight is supposed to be warmer than last night so I probably won't sleep very well again.

An unexpected overcast appeared late this afternoon, making the last hours of the day seem a bit threatening and grim, and then it failed to give us a colorful sunset as compensation. The somberness of evening was increased by the litter of prematurely dead oak leaves that is now strewn over the dead lawn.

I do hope that the forecast of lows of 64 Sunday and Monday nights is accurate, because I really need a couple more cool nights if I'm going to make it through the remainder of the summer without totally freaking out. But I might freak out anyway. Freaking out might be the most summer fun I'll get this year.

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