rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

A Slight Cooling

An electrical storm came up last night. There was no rain (at least in my neighborhood) but quite a bit of thunder and lightning, so I was bit surprised on checking the Cal Fire web site today that we didn't get any new fires started in this area. There are a few up in Modoc County, but none here. It's possible that there will be more thunderstorm activity over the next few days, though, so I'm not celebrating yet.

It now looks as though we won't even break 90 degrees today, thanks in part to the fact we've still got some clouds providing us with intermittent shade. Better yet, it's supposed to drop down to 67 tonight. The long range forecast is now predicting lows in the upper sixties for the next ten days, even though the daytime highs will be returning to the nineties starting Monday. Life could actually become tolerable again!

I'm posting an entry earlier than usual because I didn't get enough sleep last night, and it's likely that I'll crash soon. That would throw the whole evening into disarray, so it's probably best to get as much as possible out of the way now. Plus I think English people might murder one another on television tonight, and I want free time to enjoy watching that. If English people don't murder each other I'm sure some Americans will murder each other, and I can watch them, though they are a rather poor substitute.

Last night the computer did something odd that it's done before. It stretched the display on my monitor, as though it thought that I had a wider one than I actually do. I can't remember how it was resolved last time it happened, but I spent about an hour trying to fix it lat night, to no avail. This morning I spent some more time trying to fix it with no more luck than before, so I went ahead and started using it unfixed, but at some point it decided to simply correct its own error. This computer is just weird. I think it might have a troll in it.

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