rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


It looks as though the heat is causing me to lose weight. as the pants I'm wearing, which fit okay a few weeks ago, are now falling down every few minutes. It's such a waste, there being nobody here to see and laugh at me. Of course it might not be entirely the heat, as my nephew has been here snatching food quite a bit lately, and I then find key ingredients missing when I go to make my dinner.

He's also been getting into my alcohol, and because I didn't get to go to the store today I don't have any beer tonight. I'm pretty sure that at least ten percent of my weight is beer-induced, so if this keeps up I'll soon be a wraith. Not to mention pantless.

Today's slightly less horrendous heat was a nice, if minimal, change, and I'm really looking forward to the low of a mere 73 degrees tonight, though not as much as I am to the low of 68 Sunday night. Having the windows open right now isn't doing much to cool the house down, and it is letting the relentless buzzing of the little crickets in, so I'm eager for the hours to pass until the coolest part of morning arrives.

I'm sure there was something else I was going to write about, but apparently the heat steamed it out of my mind. Oh, well. Maybe it will show up in my fevered nightmares. The ones in which my pants fall off in public. The ones that might soon come true.

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