rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Hanging by a Hot Thread

Well, I've survived another day of the current heat wave. It will cool very slightly tomorrow, and the next day,and Sunday the high should be a mere 90 degrees. Perhaps better than that, the low Saturday night is predicted to be 68, which will be the first time this week that it's gone below 70. Sunday night could drop all the way to 66, so my goal is to try to stay alive until then. After that the temperatures start creeping up again, so I won't care if I die Monday morning.

Clouds gradually formed all afternoon, and are now catching the light of the waxing moon. It's nice to look at, but I hope they don't get too thick. It's still 81 degrees outside, and a cloud cover any heavier would hold in the day's accumulated heat. Still, watching moonlit clouds, even on a hot night, is certainly more enjoyable than trying to use the Internet when my connection keeps cutting out. Besides which I decided I couldn't afford air conditioning two nights in a row, so I'm going to shut this thing down and go outside. The mosquitoes are probably hungry, and I'm feeling sorry for them.

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