November 26th, 2021


Reset Thirty-Six, Day Two

After waking up before noon Thursday, then needing to sleep again not long after sunset, I finally woke up about two o'clock this morning and got the Thanksgiving frozen lasagna into the oven about four. I burned the garlic toast again, and forgot to make the salad until I was half done with dinner, but at least there was a bottle of Oregon porter to go with it, which was almost as good as the Sierra Nevada they don't bottle anymore. I think cleanup will have to wait until after I sleep some more. I've been watching (or nodding off to) Thompson Twins videos on YouTube, and it almost feels like the old days would have felt had those days ever become old days. Since I didn't do anything like this in those days, they just became incongruous days instead of old days. Somehow that seems appropriate to these days.

Damn, do I ever need sleep.