November 25th, 2021


Reset Thirty-Six, Day One

More sleeping took place on Wednesday, and there might have been dreams, and there was certainly waking up by day and by night and feeling displaced. I appear to be sleeping more than ten hours a day, which I don't mind. The more hours I can stay oblivious to the various aches and irritations of age, the better. It would be nice if it could happen in a routine, though. I never know when I'll be awake or asleep anymore.

Mildly cool weather due again today, but I'm likely to sleep through it.

Also it's a good thing I'm not having a big meal today, as I've been feeling queasy ever since I woke up at half past three this morning. I don't know how I'll be feeling this evening, but judging from right now I think I might be having a bowl of oatmeal for dinner tonight. To everyone else, happy Thanksgiving. Remember me in your prayers to the turkeys.