November 22nd, 2021

laszlo moholy-nagy_chx

Day In

The original plan, or at least hope, for Sunday was that I'd get to the other stores I missed Saturday, but it got later and later and by the time a ride became available it was too late. As the day wears on I wear out. There's only a brief window of opportunity for excursions, an they need to begin within half an hour or so of three o'clock. But I was feeling even worse Sunday than I had Saturday, and once that window of opportunity had passed, all incentive to do anything was gone. The aftermath was again to collapse into not long after six o'clock, and although a severe leg cramp woke me up not long after ten, I was still very tired and managed to return to sleep until after one o'clock this morning.

This leaves the completion of the shopping up in the air. I might be able to do it this afternoon, but given how lousy I'm feeling tonight I'm not optimistic about that. In the end I might have to ask the niece to simply fetch some of the stuff for me. I'm not having a great month. The leg that had the severe cramp in it is still sore when I stand on it, and since my neck has been bothering me no end I've now got misery both high and low. Between the two of them my sense of balance is so bad that I fear I might soon need a walker. I'm wishing I could go back in time and indulge in some of those risky behaviors that allow you to die young but quickly.

Sunny, cool days are expected today and tomorrow, and then clouds will return, but won't bring rain. The longer we go without rain, the more worried I'll get. You can't make beer without water!