November 20th, 2021


Reset Thirty-Five, Day Thirty-Nine

Arrangements have been made for a shopping trip either this afternoon or Sunday afternoon. As I managed to get through Friday without a meltdown, perhaps my luck will hold for a couple more days. The lists are pretty long. We are nearing the holidays, when the stores turn into total zoos, and I'd like to get as much shopping out of the way as I can. It will mean paying full price for some items, but if that keeps me out of the stores during December it's worth it.

We're also coming up on the first nights of the season when the lows will dip into the thirties. There is no more rain expected until near the end of the month, and then maybe a bit in early December too. It's sad that November has been mostly dry, after such a promising start to the rainy season, but there it is.

I'm hoping to get a few hours of decent sleep tonight (or today.) It's going to be sunny but cool. If a spam phone call wakes me up I probably won't get back to sleep because the room will be too bright. Hold the spam, please, universe.