November 6th, 2021

laszlo moholy-nagy_chx

Reset Thirty-Five, Day Twenty-Five

Arrangements have been made to have things fetched from the store this very afternoon, so Friday was not entirely wasted, though the dinner of desperation was spaghetti with a bland, canned sauce. In lieu of salad or vegetable there was a can of black olives. Sadly, there was no substitute for bread. I thought about crackers, but then thought better of it. Only after eating the spaghetti did I recall that I have an unopened bag of garlic croutons which would have served quite nicely, and would have boosted the flavor. Drat!

While tidying my nightstand yesterday I discovered that a candy box I thought was empty was in fact still half full. It had been down there for going on two years, and I have no idea why I hadn't remembered that it wasn't all gone during all that time. Pricey Belgian chocolate truffles I picked up at Grocery Outlet quite cheaply. They were quite good when they were fresh. I tried one, but it is now noticeably stale, with a slightly dusty flavor. I wonder if I've got other such things hidden away around here? When one begins forgetting not only croutons but tasty snacks, well, it's just about time to go into The Home, as they call it.

Today could bring some showers, so before I go to sleep I have to remember to bring in my non-outdoor chair that I've been using outdoors. If there's rain it's likely to start before I get up. The overcast is going to help keep my bedroom dim, which means I'm less likely to wake up early. It's also going to be fairly chilly, though not as chilly as next Monday and Tuesday, when more serious rain is expected. It's also going to be getting dark earlier, by the clock at least, as Daylight Saving Time ends early Sunday morning. It ought to be easy enough to remember to reset my two non-Internet clocks, since the Internet clocks will be reminding me.

My exciting life. How do I endure it?