November 4th, 2021


Reset Thirty-Five, Day Twenty-Three

Wednesday I made a list of things I need from the store, but didn't get around to calling anyone to arrange for a fetching of them. I suppose I might get around to it later today if I am not consumed by lassitude. I feel sufficiently tired that I might actually get to sleep fairly soon. In lieu of dinner I ate a series of snacks, and might have some popcorn before going to bed. A short time ago I looked into the back yard, intending to go out for a breath of fresh air, and saw that it was sprinkling. I had forgotten that rain was due Thursday morning. We're not expecting it to amount to much, but whatever falls is welcome.

It's getting colder now that the air is damp, and the warm bedclothes are looking more and more appealing. I think I'm going to go crawl under them right now. There's probably nothing more I can do here anyway.