November 2nd, 2021


Reset Thirty-Five, Day Twenty-One

Monday was another afternoon nap day, but this time the nap lasted until dusk. At some point I ate a bowl of oatmeal, but I can't remember if it was before or after the nap. Probably before. Also at some point there was rain, but it was probably while I was asleep. Before that it was mostly just sprinkles and mist, but I remember seeing puddles in the driveway when I took the wheelie bin out to the street post-nap.

Yes, I remembered the wheelie bin. When I start forgetting that, it will be time to check in to the old age home, lest I end up buried alive in my own trash. That could take quite a while, though, since I don't generate much trash, and only get the bin filled about a third of the way each week. I really only need to remember to put it out every third week, and I can probably do that for a few more years yet. It's not like recharging my phone, which I forget to do quite often now.

Then I think I ate some beans for dinner, along with one of the last two crusts of bread. I'll be needing more bread this week. We're supposed to get a couple of dry days before the next rain on Thursday. Thursday is a funny sounding word. Named for a Norse god who could hurl lightning bolts at me for making fun of his name, I suppose, but I think Zeus will protect me from him. Heh, Zeus, LOL. Ooops. But why should I worry about gods when I ate beans for dinner? Even the gods will be avoiding me, if they know what's good for them.

YouTube suggested a video of the Psychedelic Furs "Heartbreak Beat" for me earlier tonight, and I've listened to it several times so far. It sort of makes me what passes for happy these days. I should make Richard Butler one of my imaginary friends. That might make my wholly imaginary friends jealous, though, and I could end up with a big fight in my brain, and maybe a corpse or two. Brain corpses are so depressing, and I'm sad enough already.

I hear the morning traffic starting up on the freeway. I'm going to go read something on paper before (hopefully) going to sleep again.

Oh, did I miss the end of Daylight Saving time? It feels like it ought to have ben over by now.