September 23rd, 2021


Reset Thirty-Four, Day Eight

So I forgot Wednesday was Wednesday, and also slept the middle out of it, but I did get a donut for breakfast about five o'clock in the evening, and a donut has a hole in the middle, so it all sort of fits. I guess. The way I found out Wednesday wasn't Tuesday was that I went out to fetch the wheelie bin and discovered it was already back in its place, and that's when I remembered. But it still feels like a day has gone missing. It must have been Tuesday, since that's the day I don't remember having happened. I suppose if you're going to lose a day, Tuesday is as good a day as any to lose.

There was some asparagus for dinner, which is something I'd also forgotten, but I remembered it before it went bad. There is more in the bag, and I'm going to try to remember that too. Pointy vegetables can add some excitement to an otherwise dull day, and Wednesday was pretty dull. Well, there was one other bit of excitement, when I sat in the chair too long without moving, and when I finally got up my left hip felt like it wanted to be replaced, which isn't going to happen, and it took about ten minutes before I could walk properly again. Hip pain is not the sort of excitement I want. Asparagus is much more pleasant.

It's looking like I'll be sleeping the middle out of today, too, but since it's going to get up to 97 degrees that's not entirely a bad thing. The air has also remained surprisingly clean in the mini-metropolis, which is a good thing for us, but a bad thing for the other places that are getting our share of the smoke. Parts of the bay area and the San Joaquin Valley are suffering some serious air pollution. Chico isn't even getting the noise of the firefighting planes, as the fires are all too far away now. It has turned oddly placid here over the last few weeks. Maybe we should eat more asparagus.

Oh, late Wednesday evening I heard a flock of ducks fly over. It seems a bit early for them to return. I wonder how they will fare in a desiccated region full of flames?