September 17th, 2021

laszlo moholy-nagy_chx

Reset Thirty-Four, Day Two

When I woke up Thursday afternoon I noticed that my sun clock was back. It has probably been there a few days already, but I wasn't paying attention. The sun clock is the strip of sunlight that falls on the lower part of my window blinds, which goes away in early spring due to the sun being hidden by the large eaves. With the arrival of late summer, the sun is once again low enough in the sky that the light hits the blinds and the shadow of the electric light fixture attached to the eaves now moves along that strip of sunlight, over the course of the afternoon, giving me a clue to what time it is. I don't even need to put my glasses on to see it. It's a big clock.

Thursday the shadow had already left the strip when I woke up, which meant it was very late. In fact when I got up and looked at the clock in my phone it told me it was half past four. Quelle horreur! Naturally I didn't get much done after that, but then when do I anymore?

And drat, the weather forecast is now saying that the chance of rain on Sunday is down to 24%. The predicted high is also inching up, and now stands at 78. Given that trend, I wouldn't be surprised if it turns out to be 82 and dry as a bone. Rather worse news is that the lightning-sparked fire in Sequoia National Park is within hours of reaching the ancient stand of trees that includes the General Sherman tree, the largest tree in the world by volume. It's about 2,500 years old. Its destruction isn't one of the official signs of the apocalypse, but if it burns, this generation will never live it down.

Happier thoughts being necessary, here is a short video I've been watching repeatedly tonight. It's an original composition by English bassist (the bassist with the boastest) Charles Berthoud, on which he also plays the piano. It's really quite lovely, and very relaxing, and only two minutes long.