September 10th, 2021


Reset Thirty-Three, Day Four

The peculiar pear-shapedness of Thursday began early, when a spam phone call woke me up at half past nine and I was unable to get back to sleep despite having had less than four hours. Anxiety welled up and after half an hour of trying to quiet down I gave up and started my day. It took about six hours before I began feeling the exhaustion, and I went back to bed a bit after four and slept until after nine. I actually woke up a few times, but had no trouble getting back to sleep then. On the contrary, it just felt impossible to get up. But I finally did get up, and started my night.

So, split shift sleeping. That hasn't happened in a while. Something else that hasn't happened in a while is water falling out of the sky. It was cloudy all day, with big white clouds that appeared to have no smoke in them, but the raindrops didn't arrive until around ten o'clock at night. They were scattered, and few, and not continuous, but they have fallen several times over the last few hours. Sometimes I just sit in them, enjoying the chill of the drops in the warm night air.

The forecast says the rain is likely to continue today, but there probably won't be enough to seriously dampen the fires. In fact there could be lightning starting new ones. So far I haven't heard any thunder, but then I'm not that close to the mountains anymore. At least the clouds will be keeping the temperature down just a bit by day. Sadly, they also tend to hold the heat in at night so it doesn't really cool off enough to make it comfortable.

When I got up at nine in the evening I feared I might be looking at another sleepless morning, but I do seem to be getting a bit tired now, so maybe I can get to sleep before done. With luck, and an absence of phone spam, I might get back to something resembling my normally abnormal schedule today. Having nothing but soup and some bread and butter for my late (around midnight) dinner might have helped. Soup can be very relaxing. The sound of rain could be very relaxing, too, if the storm picks up a bit. It's sprinkling right now. I wish I could remember if I checked the mailbox last night or not. I don't think I did. If there's anything out there it's probably going to get wet. The perils of being forgetful. And sleeping weird hours.