September 9th, 2021

gericault_the raft of the medusa 2

Reset Thirty-Three, Day Three

One again I'm nodding off at the computer on this early Thursday morning, even though I didn't get up until three o'clock Wednesday afternoon. I also find my hips rather sore, from sitting around all day. In act I didn't even remember to go out and check the mailbox last evening, not that there's likely to be anything there. It would have been to hot anyway, even at ten o'clock at night. Instead I just fixed my peanut butter on toast and peeled my last, almost overripe banana, and ate them with a glass of unsweetened chocolate milk with a shot of brandy in it. The brandy might also have something to do with my nodding off.

What I've found is that if I don't get to sleep soon when I get like this I'm apt to re-wake and be up until dawn, and I've done that too much recently, so I'm making an early (if this can be called early) night of it. That means I won't be eating my last mango tonight as I'd planned, and I hope it doesn't also get overripe by tomorrow. I mean later today. It's supposed to be a bit less hot today, and somewhat cloudy. I haven't heard if it will be smoky or not. I've gotten so blasé that I haven't even checked the fire news. I've been feeling particularly old for several hours. Lear old.

Oh world! But that thy strange mutations make us hate thee, Life would not yield to age.