September 6th, 2021

5th street los angeles 1905

Day Out

Sunday's relative quiet brought an opportunity to go to a store and fetch beer. I also bought cookies, a candy bar, and two rolls of Necco wafers, which some company in Ohio has brought back from the dead, though the label says they are being made in Mexico. The flavors I've tried so far taste the same as they used to, but they seem sweeter, which I don't consider an improvement, and I believe they are a bit smaller than they were. I Googled to see if I could find out how big the packages were in recent years, but all I found was a picture of an original package from the 19th century, when the package weighed in at... a quarter pound! That's twice what the current packages weigh, so individual wafers must have been quite large too. Oh, and they still don't put enough licorice or cinnamon flavored wafers in the package.

Anyway, it makes me sad that, so far, the discovery that Necco wafers have been revived is the high point of my summer. It shows how dull my life has grown, even as the state dehydrates and blazes around me. But when going to one store and buying a mere five items (or sixteen, if you count each bottle of beer in the 12-pack as a single item) leaves me exhausted, I suspect I no longer have the capacity to endure a more exciting life. I'd thought about going to a second store for some food-related items, or even hunting down a few more things in the Rite Aid where I bought the beer, but it was hot, and the air conditioner in the store was turned down (the reservoirs are so low that some of the hydroelectric plants have had to be shut down, diminishing the available electricity and forcing us into a more rigorous conservation mode) that ten minutes was enough to send me back to my apartment to rest.

Dinner was a microwaved burrito and tamale, and a bottle of Modelo dark. That kept down the number of things that need washing, which is a good thing because I haven't felt like washing any of them. I've felt like watching YouTube videos and periodically going out into the back yard to sit in the nocturnal coolness and listen to the trains pass on the far side of town. I suppose I'll wash dishes some time today. There are no other plans.