September 5th, 2021

caillebotte_man at his window

Reset Thirty-Two, Day Thirty-Nine

Saturday the fires spread a bit more slowly, so I guess that qualifies as a good day for California. Bad news is that the weather forecast has been changed again, and now it predicts that we will have four consecutive days with triple digit highs, starting Monday. Definitely not what I wanted, or anybody else around here I'm sure. The low humidity is also desiccating everything, including my nose. At times it's like breathing sand.

What I was all day was tired. And bone-headed. My fingers kept making mistakes, and still are. I think I might be getting dementia unevenly, with my fingers now surging ahead of everything else, and my brain a close second. With luck, my feet will delay their decline and I won't end up crashing into walls and furniture with greater frequency than I already do. At least not for a while yet. Eventually it will all go wrong, of course. For now it's enough that I stabbed myself in the lip with my fork twice at dinner. I should probably stick to finger foods, which tend only to fall harmlessly on my lap.

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