September 4th, 2021

laszlo moholy-nagy_chx

Reset Thirty-Two, Day Thirty-Eight

It finally got just a bit smoky here again Friday, though it didn't linger long after nightfall. Still, it was a reminder of what is going on not too far away. The area burned by the Dixie Fire has grown enormous, closing in on 900,000 acres, and the two most distant points of the burned area are almost as far apart as Chico and Sacramento.

Meanwhile, the Caldor fire hasn't yet burned South Lake Tahoe, but is being held by a containment line less than a mile south of the town. Should it jump that line it could become the costliest wildfire in California history. South Lake Tahoe has about 3000 fewer residents than Paradise had before the Camp Fire, but the average value of the houses in that rich resort town has always been much higher. The advantage South Lake Tahoe will have is that the population is already evacuated, so emergency resources can be concentrated on fighting the fire rather than just trying to route traffic through the blazing, congested streets.

The daily highs are inching up, but the forecast no longer shows any triple digit days, just a couple at 99. The nights will stay coolish. The lowest high showing is an 82 a week from today. How tedious, but so much better than last month. The biggest surprise is an 18% chance of rain on that distant Saturday. I'll be very surprised if it actually happens, but it's a nice dream. As long as there isn't any lightning, of course. In these parts, this time of year, a dream with lightning is a nightmare.

I'm going to try to get to sleep a bit earlier than usual today. I probably won't succeed, but I'll try anyway. I've got a bit of headache, probably from sleeping on my neck funny yesterday. I wish I'd stop getting all twisty in my sleep, but that probably won't happen either.