September 3rd, 2021


Reset Thirty-Two, Day Thirty-Seven

September continues to bring fine August weather. It's hot enough that I wouldn't want to be out engaging in strenuous activity, but it cools off nicely in the evenings. Since I don't engage in strenuous activities these days I can live with it. It would have been nice if August had been like this. I guess we can look forward to having some September weather in October.

Thursday afternoon I got a close look at the little wild creature who has been visiting my back yard, and it turns out to be an ordinary little rat. Well, not all that little, but still kind of cute. It was being quite playful for a while as I watched through the window, and then it scampered off to do whatever rat things it had to do. Sometimes at night I've heard something clambering about on the fence and now I think I know what it is.

Late Thursday evening after a moderately large cooler weather dinner I began nodding off at the computer, and had one of those near-dreams I sometimes get when not fully asleep or fully awake. I dreamed I was writing a journal entry and it was coming along nicely, and I kept telling myself I should wake up completely and post it while it still existed, and then of course I did wake up (when my rolling chair almost rolled out from under me) and realized that it never had existed, and that the only thing I could remember about it was that it was really, really good. It seems that stuff I don't do is always better than stuff I do. I wish I could do at least a few things as well as I don't.

It's going to be getting a little bit hotter again for the next few days, but the nights should remain tolerable. The fires are still bad, but at the moment probably not as bad as the floods in the east. They'll last a lot longer than the floods did, though. I don't know when our minimally smoky local weather will end, but my mood will surely darken with the sky. It's been nice to have semi-fresh air for a few days. I'll miss it when it's gone.