September 1st, 2021


Reset Twenty-Two, Day Thirty-Five

Drat. I let my phone battery die again and lost my Internet connection. I don't even have a decent YouTube video loaded onto my hard drive to while away the time. It's after five o'clock in the morning, and I'm about ready to go to sleep but now I have to wait. A good time to write a journal entry, right? But my mind is blank. Tuesday didn't provide much substance for it. Not that most days do, or many, but one would think that with donuts and strudel </em>and</em> cupcakes... well.

One thing Tuesday did provide was a bit less heat, and a delightfully chilly night. Today will be even less hot, and the night even chillier. Half the Sierra Nevada may be on fire, but we didn't get smoked out Tuesday, and might not again today. Nevada is still getting smoked out. The Caldor Fire is now about 200,000 acres, and evacuation orders now extend into Nevada's Douglas County. But from looking at Chico you'd never know that the mini-metropolis was disaster's next door neighbor. Quiet, ordinary days passing uneventfully. Well, as far as I know, since I sleep through them. And now tha tmy Internet is back I can start sleeping through this one.