August 2nd, 2021


Reset Twenty-Two, Day Five

The sleep schedule weirdness is continuing. Sunday I woke up around two o'clock in the afternoon after sleeping almost eight hours, but when ten o'clock in the evening rolled around I felt tired already. I probably would have gotten through the tired spell had my phone battery not gone dead, ending my Internet connection. It started the day short of juice, as apparently something was downloaded as I slept. I forgot the shortage and got extravagant with my usage and the battery died around eleven. I plugged it in to recharge, but then decided to lie down and rest for a while until I could reconnect to the Internet. Instead of resting a while I fell asleep and didn't wake up again until half past five this morning. I found myself still tired but no longer sleepy, so I started my day. I can't say I'm really enjoying it.

But the thing that was most disturbing about yesterday is something I didn't discover until today. As I was sitting in the backyard after nightfall, something small fell from above and landed on the doormat right in front of me. My eyesight is bad, and the porch light lacked sufficient power to make the object clear to me, so I just shoved it aside so I wouldn't step on it and then forgot about it. This morning I saw it again and inspected it more carefully. It is half of a small eggshell, pale blue on the outside and quite white on the inside.

As there is no nest above the spot where the shell fell, it must be that it was dropped by a predatory bird who had devoured the contents. A nocturnal nest raid! It's possible that the adult birds were also killed, since they should have been at the nest at might, and the egg was just dessert. I know this sort of thing goes on all the time, but seldom do I get reminded of it by having the evidence dropped almost in my lap. I've tossed the pretty little shell into the shrubbery, so I won't continue to be reminded. I feel really bad for those birds. But then I'd feel really bad for the predatory bird if it starved to death, too. Nature is just unsettling as hell.