August 1st, 2021

caillebotte_man at his window

Reset Twenty-Two, Day Four

Saturday got less slept away than Thursday or Friday but I still didn't get up until three o'clock in the afternoon. It's not like I'm missing much, but I still dislike my internal clock being that far out of whack. But then things these days. Kids these days. Lawns to be gotten off of these days. Control to be out of. It bites.

The last day of July was slightly clearer than it's predecessors, and there were even a few distinct white clouds that might or might not have had anything to do with the fires. I like to think of them as just clouds, made of common dust and damp, apt to eventually drop some water on some fortunate place (though almost certainly not around here.) Someday there will be rain here, too, and I hope it doesn't wash the burned out mountains down on top of us.

For dinner I remembered I bought corn on the cob last time I shopped, so I boiled two ears, but then I only ate one. The other is still in the pan. I suppose I'll put it in a bag and refrigerate it, and next time I remember it I can microwave it. There's no telling when that will be. My memory is already microwaved. It's probably up there in those clouds.

I was sort of hoping today's sleep schedule would be more rational, but it looks like it won't be. Dawn is not far off and I'm not really sleepy yet. I'll try listening to soothing music on YouTube, but I doubt it will help.

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