July 21st, 2021


Reset Twenty-One, Day Twenty-Five

Tuesday gave me a headache, though I don't know why. It might be my neck getting further out of place. It might also have been because I kept forgetting to eat. I finally microwaved a bowl of ramen around midnight. For a while it seemed I might get to sleep by three o'clock in the morning, but I kept getting distracted and now here I am. Broad daylight again. The ramen is wearing off and I'm getting hungry again. I suppose I'll have to eat again before I go to sleep, and then I'll have to let it settle for a while. I'll be lucky to get to sleep before nine o'clock this morning.

The cool nights will be ending later this week. They won't get as hot as they did last week, but they'll be unpleasantly warm. The wind is still going to be coming from the south or southeast, though, which is a bit of good luck, at least for now. The current fires are all eastward and northeast, so the smoke will continue to blow away from us most of the time. If any fires get started farther south though, we'll be in trouble.

I'm going to make some popcorn and then go read for a while. I'm getting near the end of a collection of Scott Fitzgerald stories I bought at the Goodwill store... how long ago? Going on two years. Caramba! Anyway, I've been working on the volume for about two weeks, and I'd like to finish it soon, but I keep falling asleep in the middle of stories. The current one, a bit longer than the average, I've been reading for three days. Maybe I should just try to stay awake until it's over. It would really annoy me if I didn't finish it and then died in my sleep and never knew how it turned out. That would make it too much like life.