July 20th, 2021


Reset Twenty-One, Day Twenty-Four

It was around one o'clock Monday afternoon when I hit the wall and had to go to sleep. The nap lasted until almost six o'clock in the evening. It was still hot outside, even after sunset when I took the trash wheelie bin out to the street and checked the mailbox. There were clouds in the sky and a sultry damp in the air. There could be thunderstorms, though they are not extremely likely. Even if there are they are unlikely to bring enough rain to dampen the fires that are still burning.

After several days of eating very little I decided it was time for an actual meal, so I fixed a box of macaroni and cheese and heated a cup or so of frozen peas. I might have made cole slaw too, but I'm out of cabbage. It was nice for a change, and so far hasn't made me sick, though I probably did eat too much. But now I will have more dishes to wash.

The heat is still the the defining characteristic of the time, and the brief respite of the merely balmy late night and early morning hours seems too little to revive my energy. There's no end in sight so far either. During the hottest parts of the day, if I'm awake I find myself spending a lot of time thinking about the ocean. I haven't seen it since 1986. It would be nice to go again someday. `