July 18th, 2021

caillebotte_man at his window

Reset Twenty-One, Day Twenty-Two

I think somebody was moving in to the vacant apartment Saturday afternoon. They looked rather young. The guy drives a beat up small pickup truck, and that's what they were bringing bits in with. The people who moved in to the front apartment a few months ago were having some work done on their small car, and it was being done in the parking lot. With a couple of beat up and broken cars out there I found myself getting nostalgic for Los Angeles. Well, I'm actually nostalgic for Los Angeles most of the time, anyway, so just more than usual.

The heat still has me fatigued, and I'm still sleeping odd hours. My stomach is not yet forgiving me for whatever it is I've done to offend it, though I've stuck mostly to bland foods for the last couple of days. There might be some anxiety behind the problem, what with the heat and the rumble of the air conditioner and the bad sleep. Every little bit hurts. This morning we have a hint of smoke in the air again, as the nocturnal breezes have brought it down from the mountains.
One consolation is that it's not a bad here as it is in Paradise, which gets the smoke earlier and loses it later than the valley does.

There still needs to be some arrangement for shopping soon. I hate going out in this weather, and hate sending anyone out for me, but I'm out of or low on too much stuff. And I do still need an unbroken chair for the back yard, so I can sit outside when the nights coo off. They won't be doing much of that a few times this coming week, but I'll still want to go out. The apartment may be air conditioned but I can only be constrained by these walls for so long before I get jumpy. That's all.

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