July 17th, 2021

laszlo moholy-nagy_chx

Reset Twenty-One, Day Twenty-One

Friday sort of dribbled away, and I had a stomach ache for much of it— bad diet issues, I suppose. Evening I was tired but put off napping until I couldn't anymore, then slept from half past ten until two o'clock in the morning. Since I hadn't eaten dinner, I made a post-nap snack of a ramen bowl. So far it doesn't seem to be making the stomach ache worse.

This morning I'm smelling smoke in the air again. Last night the sky looked a bit smoky, but there was no odor. This is from the fire that started a couple of days ago near Jarbo Gap, not far from where the Camp fire started in 2018. They are calling this one the Dixie fire, after Dixie Road. This time of year, at night the wind shifts and carries smoke own into the valleys, and then after sunrise it reverses again and the smoke heads back north and east. We'll probably be getting some early morning smoke as long as this fire is burning. It's up to around 10,000 acres and little containment, so that will probably be for several days at least. A couple of mountain hamlets in the path of the fire are now under mandatory evacuation orders, though so far no structures have burned.

A cheerful little bird is chirping in my back yard. It does not fit my mood, and is failing to change it. I still need to make arrangements to get some stuff from the stores, and don't really feel like it, so that's provoking anxiety. 99 degrees predicted today, and triple digits return tomorrow.

With all the news flurry that was going on last October, a story appears to have fallen through the gaps and I just found out about it yesterday. Dancer Tommy Rall died on October 6 at the age of 90. Unlike older dancers Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire, Rall's movie career was rather short, being truncated by the decline of movie musicals, but Donald O'Connor, no mean hoofer himself, believed that Rall was a better dancer than either Kelly or Astaire. Among the highlights of his movie career is this routine from the 1953 production of Cole Porter's "Kiss Me, Kate" in which he sings "From This Moment On." His partner is the splendid Ann Miller. Miller and the other four dancers in the scene, Bobby Van, Jeanne Coyne, Bob Fosse and Carol Haney, all predeceased him. He was almost the last living connection to the golden age of movie musicals. R.I.P. Tommy Rall.