July 16th, 2021

laszlo moholy-nagy_chx

Reset Twenty-One, Day Twenty

Thursday found me short of sleep by about three hours, and thus even more muddle-headed than usual. Still I managed to get through it, though I don't remember much of it. The most notable event was shortly before sunset, when over a period of just a few minutes, three firefighting airplanes flew directly over my neighborhood. The first two were making turns to the west, while the third continued south. Usually the planes only pass overhead here when there is a fire west or south of Chico, or fairly close to the north (fires farther north are handled from Redding's airport), but I've checked the CalFire incident page and see none currently burning, so I have no idea why the planes were here.

Dinner was a grilled cheese sandwich. It hasn't made me sick yet. Some of my recent meals have. Thursday was slightly less hot, so that might have something to do with it. Today will be slightly hotter, but we won't get back to triple digits until Monday. It's pleasantly cool outside tonight, too, though once again the apartment is having a hard time getting rid of its accumulated heat. Deja vu.

I'd considered going shopping today, but probably won't. My niece has other plans so won't be able to drive me, and I've been feeling so exhausted lately I probably wouldn't have had the energy anyway. Still, I'm going to need some stuff fairly soon. I'm out of donuts, low on orange juice and beer, and almost out of a couple of other things. Also I do need to get a chair for the back yard. I miss the dining table chair I've got out there now, and want it back where it belongs.

In a while I hope to catch up on the sleep I lost Thursday. I've been feeing sleepy off and on, so the timing has to be right. It's complicated. Sleep disorders are complicated.