July 8th, 2021

laszlo moholy-nagy_chx

Reset Twenty-One, Day Twelve

Still not getting more than six hours of sleep every day, I keep wondering when I'm going to hit that Big Wall. I hit little walls every day, but get over them. The Big Wallis different. It could get ugly. Wednesday morning I thought it might be happening, but somehow more nervous energy welled up and I stayed awake all afternoon and evening, and now almost all night. I believe I've gotten to the little wall, and will go sleep very soon.

For a while tonight I heard not one but two crickets chirping loudly. They sounded very near, probably right across the bike path. They were a bit out of sync with each other, and it sounded like a strange digital effect. It's not unusual for crickets to chirp out of sync, but when you have more than two doing it it just blend together so you don't notice.

Whoa, what was that? Oh, just my face falling into the keyboard. Goodnight.