June 16th, 2021


Reset Twenty, Day Thirty-Six

It's getting harder every day to get my brain focused after waking up. Tuesday might have been a bit worse because I didn't wake up until nearly four o'clock in the afternoon. I'd been awake for half an hour or so twice before that, but was able to get back to sleep each time. If I wake up sad I can usually get back to sleep, but if I wake up anxious it's Usually impossible, and Tuesday was a sad day. I was sad when I finally woke up, too, but didn't go back to sleep again because I just wasn't tired any more. But it was at least an hour before I got focused enough to know what I was doing. It wasn't anything interesting.

Today is the day the earth splits open and hell bursts forth. That will be a few miles north of here, but I'll probably be able to see it, if I look in that direction. I saw a bit of smoke from that direction Tuesday evening, but it turned out to be just another wildfire, not an early emergence of heat demons. Today I probably won't look, though, as I'll be indoors sitting under an air conditioner vent as much as possible. Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday will all be worse. All this comes before the summer solstice, which will be next Monday. Not encouraging.

But my cricket was back tonight, a little bit closer than Tuesday night. Once the night cooled down it was pleasant to sit in the dark back yard and listen to the chirps, and also the the song of the mockingbird. There are just a few hours of coolness left, and then it won't drop below 70 degrees until Sunday night. It's going to be a long week.