June 13th, 2021

caillebotte_man at his window

Reset Twenty, Day Thirty-Three

As I had trouble getting to sleep Saturday morning and then woke up a bit too early, I ended up having another nap Saturday evening and early Sunday morning. Waking up in the dark always leaves me a bit sad, and the sadness tends to linger for hours. Not getting to sleep before dawn always makes me anxious, and it's after dawn now, so I'm both residually sad and newly anxious. There is an avocado shell and seed and a corn husk from a tamale on a dirty plate, so I must have eaten dinner Saturday ight, but I don't remember doing it. One thing I do remember from before I started nodding off was a few drops of rain falling from the cloudy evening sky.

I also remember that it was unpleasantly warm when I woke up in the dark. It was still equally warm outside, so I didn't get the fan turned on until a short time ago. That means it's likely to still be unpleasantly warm when I try to get to sleep this morning. The morning breeze is cool, and the fresh leaves of the trees across the bike path are rustling and gleaming in the sunlight. A Pair of squirrels are chasing up and down the utility poles. They must be happy that it's morning. I don't share in their joy. I just wish I were asleep already.

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