June 10th, 2021

laszlo moholy-nagy_chx

Reset Twenty, Day Thirty

Wednesday was delightfully mild, and toward evening the fluffy white clouds that had been scattered about the sky all afternoon began to gather together and turn grey, and suddenly the quickly chilling air was split with the sound of thunder, and scattered raindrops began to fall. The rain never amounted to much, but the thunder continued for over an hour, punctuated by occasional flourishes of sprinkles. Some areas nearby got more rain than Chico, but even the tiny bit we got was welcome. As far as I know, the lightning didn't start any new fires, which is even better than the rain.

As I thought it best to turn the computer off curing an electrical storm, I spent the time cleaning, or trying to clean, the bathtub, and found that I can no longer get in a position that allows me to scrub it properly. It looks like I'll soon be needing to get someone in to do some of the cleaning for me. As my joints get stiffer, more and more places will become inaccessible, and as my eyesight deteriorates I'll be unable to see if I'm doing it properly anyway. Aging: can't live with it, can't live without it.

After the storm passed, I made myself a sandwich for dinner, accompanied by potato salad and barbecue flavored potato chips, and a glass of... porter! My niece discovered that someone had left a six pack at her place, and since no one there drinks much beer she gave it to me. So, I have one last six pack before it is gone forever. I'll try to make it last. This actually might have been the best night for me to bake one of my frozen lasagnas, since it's going to start getting hot again and I won't want to be using the oven, but I didn't remember I had it until after I'd made the sandwich. Maybe I'll bake one of the lasagnas tonight.

It's very quiet out tonight, and aside from the scent of dampness and the unseasonable chill in the air you would never know there'd been a storm just a few hours ago. I thought I heard a few snatches of song from the mockingbird, somewhere down the bike path, but it was very distant and I can't be sure. From across town I heard a train passing, but there has been very little traffic on the freeway. One could almost imagine that the mini-metropolis has vanished. But it hasn't of course. The noise will return in the morning, I'm sure. Though no the roofers. They did not come on Wednesday, and I don't think they'll be back. Because my sleep had been disrupted I slept through the middle of the day, but tonight and this morning I should be able to sleep without that disruption. Yay. Normalcy, of a sort.