June 9th, 2021

laszlo moholy-nagy_chx

Reset Twenty, Day Twenty-Nine

Tuesday brought the roofers back again, and I'm thinking I might as well invite them to move in with me, since they are here every day now anyway. They could help pay the rent. Tuesday afternoon brought my niece, who picked up stuff from the stores for me and dropped off my outgoing mail in a real mailbox. As usual a couple of things were out of stock, and after it was over I remembered a couple of things I hadn't put on the list, but what's here should last a couple of weeks— except for the single package of donuts, since I forgot to write down that I wanted two.

The mild temperature was a nice change, so I was considerably less grumpy than I've been lately, and the roofers had their compressor down at the far end of the building so my sleep was less disrupted. I was still a bit short of sleep, though, and ended up taking a long nap for a couple of hours either side of midnight. I also ended up not eating any actual meals, just tapping into the various snack foods I got. It's likely I'll eat something more meal-like later today.

When I woke from my nap and went outside I smelled smoke, and was pretty sure there was a brush fire somewhere in the area, but I haven't found any reports of one nearer than Yuba County, about sixty miles away. The wind is coming from that direction, so it's likely that's where the smell is coming from. The most recent report says that it has burned 950 acres and is 45% contained. The interesting thing is that the fire is right on the edge of Beale Air Force Base, which is the main base for firefighting aircraft in the region. Handy. I suspect it will be knocked down pretty fast. But it's an unpleasant reminder of what will soon be coming to all of California, and probably some other western states as well. It's been pretty dry almost everywhere this year.

I have no idea what my sleep schedule is going to be today. Right now I'm tired but not especially sleepy, so I think I'll read for a while. The Internet is becoming tedious.

Damn, I finished this a hour ago and forgot to post it. I do need some sleep.