June 8th, 2021

laszlo moholy-nagy_chx

Reset Twenty, Day Twenty-Eight

WTF roofers! I thought they finished on Friday, but Monday morning they were back bright and early, waking me up after only four hours of sleep. I haven't been back to sleep since, though I came close to it around ten o'clock, when I didn't quite fall out of my chair. But instead of cracking my head open on the laminate floor I woke up, more or less, and will apparently survive to enjoy (or at least not suffer from) a Tuesday with a high temperature of merely 76 degrees. It is deliciously cool outside tonight, and I keep popping out to shiver for a moment or two. Nice.

Arrangements have been made for my niece to pick some things up for me this afternoon, though little is on sale this week. I think I'll have to go out to shop for myself in a couple of weeks, but for the time being I can make do with what I've got and what I get today, if the stores aren't out of what I want. There will at least be some fresh fruit and vegetables, bread and dairy products. And donuts. And beer of some sort, though not the sort I would most want. Alas, porter! Gone!

My current fervent hope is of course that the roofers are now truly done, and will not be back to disturb my sleep today. I'm not at all sure that I could endure another day of such disruption without screaming, which would most likely bring dire consequences. Police and/or ambulances might be called, and my reputation as the quiet neighbor would surely be ruined. But then that reputation might already be suffering due to the tremendous number of loud sneezes I've been emitting for the last several hours. I don't know if it is some new outburst of pollen, or if the roofers stirred something up and my HVAC fan is blowing it into the apartment. Whatever the cause, I hope it doesn't prevent me from sleeping. I want to be up rather bright and fairly early this morning. Nothing in excess. Except perhaps butter.