June 7th, 2021


Reset Twenty, Day Twenty-Seven

Since I drank coffee Sunday morning I didn't take a nap Sunday afternoon or evening, though it was a pretty close thing for a while. I kept myself awake with hunger and with loud music videos on YouTube. I could get as loud as I wanted because the immediate neighbors are away, and so are the ones next to them. I could stay hungry easily enough because I really didn't feel like cooking anything. I finally microwaved a ramen bowl around midnight. I expect I'll get very tired very soon now and pass out.

The heat was less intense Sunday, and the next few days will provide even more of a respite. Wednesday might get no higher than 74. Unfortunately the third week of June is going to reverse that again, and not only will we start getting triple-digit highs but the nights will have lows in the high sixties, which will be insufficient for any significant natural cooling. If that's what June will belike, the thought of July and August could bring is most distressing.

I was lucky not to get many mosquito bites this spring, but yesterday (or last night) my luck ran out. There are at least three fresh ones on the back of my neck, and the itching is driving me crazy. I'd put some lotion on them, but just realized that lotion is one of the things I've forgotten to buy. I'll have to try to remember to put it on my shopping list. And speaking of shopping, I still haven't gotten in touch with my niece to see about getting a few things from Safeway. Must do that today, since tomorrow is the last day of this week's sale, and I need some of the paper towels that are on sale for the first (and probably last) time in months.

Really missing the beer. Anchor makes a porter in San Francisco, but I don't know where to get it around here, and it's probably really expensive as well. Their other beer certainly is. I'll just have to start sampling various beers until I find one that I like and can get at a reasonable price. It's all damned annoying though. It's making me put on my cranky old man voice. It's a good thing nobody's around to hear it but me, and all those loud videos have made me deaf.