June 6th, 2021

caillebotte_man at his window

Reset Twenty, Day Twenty-Six

When I settled down for a nap Saturday evening I had no idea I'd end up sleeping for eight hours. That hardly ever happens anymore. But it did happen, and now here I am in the morning with birds chirping and the bright sunlight creeping down the mass of green leaves that covers my back fence, its intensity getting ready to obliterate the cool shade that remains pooled in the yard itself. For the moment, the day is mild, but this won't last. The dreadful afternoon heat lies ahead. I'm drinking iced coffee with half and half and eating cookies, but they won't stave off the inevitable, they merely distract me for a while. At the moment I'm sufficiently distracted that I can't think at all. That's the state I want. It's Sunday. What other state would I want?

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