June 2nd, 2021


Reset Twenty, Day Twenty-Two

Tuesday is largely forgotten, baked out of my memory, reduced to ash. Not even the air conditioner, turned on for the first time this season on Monday, could stave of the lethargic confusion the heat brought. I fell asleep from exhaustion while the evening light was still in the sky, and woke after midnight, remembering only then that I had not eaten dinner, nor brought the wheelie bin back in from the street. The wheelie bin is still out there, as it makes too much noise to bring it in at night, but I compensated for the lack of dinner with a bowl of popcorn. There's no way I'm actually cooking anything in this weather.

The one thing I do remember clearly from Tuesday is the Email of Doom. It was from the Sierra Nevada Brewing Company, and it confirmed my fear that they are discontinuing the production of their porter. Now that they are a giant company and distribute their products nationally, those products must maintain a minimum level of demand to justify their inclusion, and the porter no longer does. They said they will continue making small batches for sale in their taproom, but it will no longer be bottled. Since I drink beer with dinner, and eat dinner at home, this does me no good at all. I won't be taking an hour long trip by bus and foot down to East 20th Street for a draft every (or any) afternoon, and I'm sure not going to start eating at their pricey restaurant. I'll just have to find a substitute bottled beer. It won't be easy.

I'm quite sure I thought I thought a lot of interesting things over the last few hours, but maybe I was wrong, as if those things were actually interesting I would have remembered them, right? Most likely I'm suffering delusions from having watched a bunch of old Depeche Mode videos on YouTube. Desperation leads me to such things. Not heat alone feeds my growing madness. Stupidity plays its part. And the fact that my favorite beer is gone while I'm still alive. What did I do to deserve this?