May 9th, 2021

caillebotte_man at his window

Reset Nineteen, Day Thirty-Eight

After getting up too late again Saturday afternoon I decided I was in need of a substantial dinner to improve my mood, so I baked one of my frozen vegetable lasagnas, and I even toasted a couple of slices of garlic bread to go with it. It was quite good, but, alas, it has given me indigestion. I've been munching raw almonds to counteract it, but so far they haven't kicked in. I hope they do soon, as I'm very tired and want to go to sleep, but sleeping is difficult when my stomach is on fire.

My mockingbird has been giving me a nocturnal concert again tonight. It doesn't make up for the lack of frogs here, but it helps. It also reminds me that when the hot nights come along in June (hopefully not in May) I will at least get to hear a cricket or two. That's not as many as I used to hear, but it's better than none. I doubt that I'll ever live in a place with frogs again, or with big cricket populations, but at least even here I know that crickets do still exist.

Currently there is another wind-related fire danger warning in effect, but this one doesn't apply this far north. It's in a belt across the valley around Sacramento. It's certainly not windy in my neck of the woods— or fields, anyway, since so much of the woods around here have already burned up. If fires do get started to the south we won't have to smell them until the wind switches around again. Sooner or later we will get smoke, but probably not for now.

I still haven't made out my shopping list, or arranged transportation. That will be a good task for this afternoon, if I'm awake this afternoon. Making lists seems to get more tedious all the time. All that remembering and organizing. My brain is getting as stiff as my joints. It all distracts me from what I really want to be doing, which is quietly be until I'm not.

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