May 1st, 2021

laszlo moholy-nagy_chx

Reset Nineteen, Day Thirty-One

By dusk on Friday evening the thermometer in the apartment was showing 78 degrees. Fortunately it had begun to cool down outside, and I was able to turn on the fan and open the windows to start cooling the indoors. Air conditioning was avoided. The next couple of days will be cooler than Friday was, and it's already down to 60 degrees outside now, so the odds are good that I won't need the air conditioner until, at earliest, next Tuesday. It's supposed to get up to 92 that day, and 94 Wednesday, but if I'm very careful I should be able to get through that mini-heat wave without costly cooling as well.

Less pleasant is the fact that we've gotten the first fire weather warning of the season. Sunday through Tuesday are expected to get very windy, and as dry as things are any fires that get started are apt to spread quickly. There have already been a few small fires this month, though quickly extinguished. Extinguishing fires will be more difficult when that wind kicks up. But late next week we will get a couple of cooler days and the wind will die down, so if everything is not yet in flames by then we should be safe, at least until the next windstorm.

This week's grocery sale items are unimpressive, so I'll be waiting until next week to shop. I won't have to go into the bank, thanks to the stimulus check which has arrived and will cover the month's expenses. One less thing to do when I go out will make the whole trip that much less onerous. If it turns out to not be a hot day that will be even better.

April is over. I should do something the celebrate May Day. I know, I'll crash! Mayday, mayday!