April 13th, 2021

laszlo moholy-nagy_chx

Reset Nineteen, Day Thirteen

Monday managed to be an exhausting day even though I did next to nothing. My niece went shopping for me, but the store was out of several items I wanted, and provided a limited supply of another. I have but one box of six donuts, and no fresh cream cheese or onion buns, and the type of cheddar and the plain sparkling water and the cold brewed tea I'm low on were not available. But I did get asparagus, orange juice, butter, mayonnaise, pepper jack cheese, ramen bowls, a mango, bananas, avocados, strudel, and dish washing liquid.

Of course I also forgot to put a couple of things on the list, even though I rewrote it three times. It's remarkable how difficult such a simple task as making a shopping list has become. My ability to organize things is deteriorating, and my lettering has grown so sloppy I can barely read it myself, even when I write carefully. Plus my memory gets worse every day, which is how I managed to miss a rare bargain on a pricy brand of spaghetti sauce I wanted. I have a jar of another brand in my cupboard, but it is nowhere near as good. I'll curse my faulty memory when I eat it. That won't teach me!

Now that the shopping is done, I can get back to my routine, such as it is. Right now I'm having a bowl of popcorn, and then I'm going to go read something before going to sleep. If I can sleep. All the excitement of having had a chore done for me has me on edge. How did I even survive?