April 5th, 2021

caillebotte_the orangerie

Reset Nineteen, Day Five

I heard some geese a while ago. They sounded like they were flying south, so they might not have been very bright geese. But then who am I to talk, since I'll be spending the summer in Chico. That pretty much defines not very bright. For the time being, it's not too bad, though. The day was pleasantly mild on Sunday, and the night is cool, and I haven't heard the furnace for about three days and nights now. It might have come on once or twice early in the mornings while I've been asleep, but at least it isn't running every few minutes, as it was in winter.

Naturally I've been getting more outdoor time as the days have turned mild, having decided that I can just endure the pollen in exchange for more fresh air. I want those windows open, dammit, so I might just as well inhale fresh pollen outdoors as staler pollen indoors. It's saving me a bit of Internet bandwidth, too, since when I'm outside I'm not watching videos.

There was a sandwich for dinner, and now I'm having a bedtime snack of avocado on crackers. This is what we used to eat before avocado toast was discovered. It's probably considered declassee now, but it's tasty enough. Actually, the avocado I just cut into is so good that I could simply eat it with a spoon. In fact that's what I'll do with whatever is left when this sleeve of crackers is gone, which it almost is. I have one more avocado from the three I bought last Tuesday. The first one I cut was still a bit under-ripe, but this one is perfect. I should probably eat the third one this evening, or it might get over-ripe. Avocadoes have a very narrow window of perfection.

Since the stores were out of both ramen bowls and donuts when I went shopping, I'm thinking of asking my niece to pickup some of those for me later this week. I have found that my jar of mayonnaise has gone a bit off, too, so I'll be needing some of that as well. I'll check the ads that come out Wednesday to see if anything else I need will be on sale. If I get the right stuff I could push my next shopping trip back another two weeks or so. Anything that makes not going out easier is a good thing.

Yawning. It looks like I'll be putting off the dish washing again too. Really must get more organized.